Decathlon Mare West

Opening date: 27th of November 2018
Location: Corinth (Mare west)
Surface: 1500m²

Located in the commercial park of Mare West just 5km outside of the city of Corinth, it's the first successful milestone in the venture of the company in Greece. With 1500sqm and representing more than 35 sports, the store proudly invites anyone to share the vision of Decathlon.


Decathlon Smart Park

Opening date: 1st of November 2018
Location: Spata (Smart Park)
Surface: 3000m²

Located in the commercial park of Smart Park in the city of Spata, it’s the first store that opened in Athens, with 3000sqm and representing more than 50 sports. The ideal destination for sport lovers.


Decathlon River West

Opening date: 2nd of July 2021
Location: Aigaleo (River West)
Surface: 3.600m²

After a first store in Athens with Spata, Decathlon keep growing with a new store in River West Open with 3600sq. and eighty sports inside. The store invites everyone to share the Decathlon’s vision of sports.